The Hospitality/Culinary Arts Associate of Arts Degree is designed to prepare students for fast-growing industry that includes commercial restaurants, institutions, health care facilities, school food services, and related food service industries at the middle management level. Skills gained from this certificate include basic to advanced techniques in food preparation, middle-management implementation, and entrepreneurship skills. Students will also be prepared to build and manage diverse teams. To graduate with a specialization in Hospitality/Culinary Arts, students must complete all requirements for the certificate plus the general breadth requirements for the Associate Degree (minimum total = 60 units)

Required Courses:
BUSAD 110Human Resource Management3
Required Hospitality Management Courses:
HOSP 100Introduction to Hospitality and Customer Service3
HOSP 120Hospitality Cost Control3
HOSP 130Hospitality Food and Beverage Management3
HOSP 140Introduction to Hotel Management3
HOSP 160Culinary Production and Kitchen Operations3
Required Culinary Arts Courses:
CULART 010Restaurant Service and Catering I6
CULART 011Restaurant Service and Catering II6
or CULART 012 Food Truck Restaurant and Catering Services
CULART 080Small Business and Catering Management6
CULART 161Quantity Food Preparation3
CULART 225Sanitation and Safety3
CULART 240Procurement, Purchasing and Selection3
CULART 250Wine, Beverage, and Food Pairing Concepts3
Total Units48

To earn an SBVC Associate Degree students must complete one of the following  general education patterns:

SBVC GE requirements

CSU GE requirements

IGETC requirements