College General

The College

San Bernardino Valley College is a comprehensive community college that serves the residents of the Inland Empire. The college is one of 116 locally governed California Community Colleges, and as such, is regulated by the California Education Code and is subject to the directions of the California Legislature and the California Community College Board of Governors. The college is responsible to its local constituency through an elected Board of Trustees, which is the primary policy-making body for the college. Students of the college are drawn, for the most part, from the local community. In addition, specific programs at the college attract students from throughout the state and world. Students range in age from under 18 to over 80 years, and reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of the region.


San Bernardino Valley College was established in 1926, and originally served only the San Bernardino and Colton Unified School Districts. The population served has now expanded to include communities throughout the Inland Empire. Over the years, the original four-building campus has grown to one of 43 buildings grouped around a central, park-like open space, giving easy access to the numerous special purpose classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, studios, shops and practice rooms. A faculty of 16 has grown to a teaching staff of more than 180 full-time and 480 adjunct faculty, and student body of 140 has grown to over 17,000. San Bernardino Valley College is proud of its long tradition of service to our community, and the faculty and staff is gratified to know they have played an important part in improving the lives of so many.

Mission Statement

San Bernardino Valley College provides innovative instructional programs and cohesive student services to support the educational goals of a culturally diverse community of learners by engaging in continuous improvement and actively working towards an antiracist culture to foster an environment of meaningful learning and belonging for our students, employees, and the community.

Vision Statement

Through offering a variety of degrees, certificates, skill-building courses, and opportunities for personal and professional enrichment, San Bernardino Valley College strives to be the institution of choice for the region. Our inclusive culture, quality education, and comprehensive support services will create leaders dedicated to promoting social justice and community advocacy on a local and national level.


San Bernardino Valley College's commitment to its mission is expressed through its values.
As a community, the college values:

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism: Our strength as an institution is enhanced by the cultural diversity, and varied lived experiences of our students, faculty, staff, and external community. Policies, plans, and decisions must be data-informed, utilize an equity lens, and be based on thoughtful consideration of what will best serve our students and the community at large.

Student Success: Quality education and training supports students in improving their lives and the lives of their families, while uplifting the community. Students will enhance their ability to think critically, to communicate clearly, and to grow personally and professionally within an enriched learning environment that promotes creativity, self-expression, and the development of critical thinking skills. We strive to identify and address equity gaps through evidence-based research to ensure that each student has the opportunity to succeed.

Open Access: We are committed to providing quality programs and services for every member of our community regardless of their level of preparedness; socioeconomic status; gender and gender expression; sexual orientation; cultural, religion, ethnic background; and abilities. Additionally, we must provide students with access to the resources, services, and technological tools that will enable them to achieve their educational goals.

Campus Climate: We value a campus-wide climate that is student-focused, fosters mutual respect between all constituencies, values multiple perspectives, and appreciates diverse cultures and human experiences. We must hold ourselves and our students to the highest ethical and intellectual standards. 

Participatory Governance: As part of the collegial consultation process, all levels of the college must openly engage in sharing ideas and suggestions to develop innovative ways to improve our programs and services. We value equitable, inclusive, collaborative, and transparent governance processes grounded in open, honest, and reflective discourse.

Strategic Initiatives

San Bernardino Valley College’s Institutional Guiding Principle: We are committed to quality and excellence in all of our efforts.

Our Strategic Initiatives are as follows:

  • Increase Access
  • Promote Student Success
  • Improve Communication, Culture, and Climate
  • Maintain Leadership and Promote Professional Development
  • Effective Evaluation and Accountability
  • Provide Exceptional Facilities