San Bernardino Valley College Foundation

In 1973, the San Bernardino Valley College Foundation (SBVC Foundation) was founded on the belief that college strengthens the individual and the community. The SBVC Foundation is an independent. nonprofit, 509(a)(3)organization whose purpose is to raise and administer funds for the benefit of San Bernardino Valley College.

As students earn degrees and certificates, together the San Bernardino Valley College Foundation and San Bernardino Valley College foster economic growth and improve qualify of life in the Inland Empire and beyond.


The San Bernardino Valley College Foundation’s mission is to serve as a fundraising organization that is committed both to the stewardship, sound management and effective utilization of the Foundation’s financial assets and to supporting San Bernardino Valley College’s ongoing commitment to provide high-quality education, innovative instruction, and services to a diverse community of learners.

Board of Directors

Justin Martinez – Foundation President
George San Martin – Foundation Vice President
Dr. Linda Fontanilla – Foundation Secretary
Tenille Norris – Foundation Treasurer

Dolores Armstead
Rick Bessinger
Michael Burrows
Veronica Bustillos
Bill Clarke
Lisa Durham
John Echevarria
Scott Henderson
Ernesto Izarraras
Kenneth Lane
Becky Lepins
Bronica Martindale
Kimberly Morales
Kerry Neal
Shelby Obershaw
Joseph Paulino
Anthony Roberson
Thomas Robles
Allynn Scott
Michael Sola
James Tillman
Helen Tran
Dr. Anne Viricel