Institutional Learning Outcomes

The five (5) Institutional Learning Outcomes listed below describe the skills and abilities the student should be able to demonstrate after completing the requirements for an Associate Degree at San Bernardino Valley College. These Institutional Learning Outcomes are embedded in our established pattern of general education courses, in our more advanced major-preparation courses, and in the student service learning experiences we provide over the span of a student’s enrollment at the college. In addition, assignments that lead to the acquisition of these core skill sets are embedded in the coursework required for vocational certificates. The Institutional Learning Outcomes are:

  1. Communication Skills: Comprehend content and communicate in written, spoken, signed, or artistic formats.
  2. Quantitative Reasoning Skills: Apply mathematical or analytical skills to identify and solve problems and synthesize and evaluate ideas.
  3. Critical Thinking Skills and Information Literacy: Critically evaluate qualitative and quantitative hypotheses, sources, and conclusions. 
  4. Personal, Academic, and Career Responsibilities: Develop goals for personal, academic, and career environments.
  5. Social and Global Awareness: Recognize the impact of one's actions on the environment and one's role in society with respect to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism.

For additional information on SBVC’s Institutional Learning Outcomes, please visit the website.