Credit for DSST/DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support)

A student must be enrolled at San Bernardino Valley College to receive course credit for DANTES/DSST Examinations. Credit will not be granted for examinations in which equivalent or more advanced course work has been completed. Examinations listed on the table have been reviewed by SBVC faculty. Students should be aware of the following:

  1. University of California does not accept DANTES/DSST credit.
  2. DANTES/DSST Examinations are not accepted toward CSU GE-Breadth.
  3. Acceptance of DANTES/DSST Examinations varies among transfer universities and other community colleges. Students should be advised that the DANTES/DSST Examinations get re-evaluated.
  4. DANTES/DSST Examinations may be under review; therefore, the table below may not be inclusive of all examinations.

Any questions may be directed to the Articulation Officer in the Counseling Center (AD/SS 103).

DANTES/DSST Examination SBVC Required Score SBVC Units SBVC Equivalent Course (to clear prerequisite requirements) SBVC Graduation Requirement CSU GE-Breadth Area
Ethics in America 46/400 3 None Category III No credit
Introduction to Business 46/400 3 BUSAD 100 No credit No credit
Fundamentals of College Algebra None None None No credit No credit
Introduction to World Religions 48/400 3 RELIG 101 Category III No credit
Lifespan Developmental Psychology 46 3 None Category II or V No credit
Principles of Statistics None None None No credit No credit