All students are expected to attend classes regularly. Each instructor will inform students at the beginning of each term exactly what is to be expected regarding attendance in class, and the instructor’s decision is final. In the event an absence is unavoidable, students are responsible for notifying instructors.

A student’s failure to attend class meeting(s) during the first week of a term may result in the student being dropped from the class. After the first week of classes during any term, an instructor may drop a student from any class in which the student has:

  • Violated the instructor’s stated attendance requirements
  • Accrued more than two absences per unit, or
  • Attended so irregularly that the instructor feels it is unwise for the student to continue.

Instructors may not drop students after the 11th week of instruction (for full semester classes) or after 60 percent of instruction (for short-term classes).

Class Attendance

Students who are not in attendance at the first class meeting are considered “no-shows.” Instructors may choose to drop no-shows in order to give their seats to non-registered students seeking entrance to the course. In this case, students are still responsible for the student fees.

Withdrawal from Classes

If a student stops attending class, it is their responsibility to officially drop the class. A student who wishes to drop one or more classes but continue enrollment in other classes should drop the course online prior to the end of the second week (or 20% of a term, whichever is sooner). No entry will be made on the student’s record for dropping a class prior to the 20% deadline. A student who withdraws or is dropped from a course before 60% of the class has been completed will not receive a letter grade. Instead, a W (Withdrawal) will be recorded on the student’s transcript. This symbol carries no evaluation of the student’s work, but is a clerical notation that the student was enrolled in the course and withdrew or dropped without grade or unit credit. W’s are used in probation and dismissal procedures as well as in determining satisfactory academic progress for financial aid. Students will receive a letter grade if they continue any course after 60 percent of a class has been completed. Student may receive no more than three (3) “W” grades for any one course (Title 5, section 55024). A student activated for military service may receive a military withdrawal (MW) at any time during the semester. Military withdrawals will not factor into progress probation and disqualification. Students who are members of the military (active or reserve) or National Guard should present their military orders to Admissions and Records in order to have the MW assigned.