The schedule of classes provides detailed instructions on the procedures involved in registering for classes. Students may register online in accordance with the dates identified in the Class Schedule. Attending courses without being formally enrolled is considered auditing. In order to audit a course, the student must complete the auditing process. 

Students who have an incomplete application, dismissal or probationary issues, an outstanding financial obligation or have not completed orientation and assessment will not be allowed to register for classes until the issue is resolved. Examples of obligations falling under this policy include but are not limited to: returned checks, unpaid loans, equipment breakage, unpaid library fines, and registration fees.

The college reserves the right to cancel any class that does not meet the minimum size requirements established by the district. In some cases, cancellation may take place before the first class meeting. Students will automatically be mailed a refund of the enrollment fees for any class cancelled by the college.

Late Registration

Applicants who do not enroll during the registration period may enroll online using a Web Authorization sticker, which is received from the instructor, once classes begin. Keep in mind that an instructor may refuse to admit a late registrant when the work missed cannot reasonably be made up, when the class is full, or when normal progress in the course would be impossible or unsafe. Students will not be enrolled into a class if the deadline date for admissions has passed. Do not attend class on or after census date.


Waitlisting gives students the opportunity to be first in line to register for sections that are already full. For example, if a person drops from a course, then the individual at the top of the waitlist will have the first opportunity to register and fill that empty seat. Waitlisting is available on most classes. Students will be notified through Valley College student email.