Policy on the Guided Self-Placement Process/Assessment

All students entering San Bernardino Valley College are required to complete the Guided Self-Placement questionnaire/ ESL assessment process unless exempted. Students may NOT retake the Guided Self-Placement questionnaire unless recommended by the department chair or division dean or recommended by the Student Policy and Scholastic Standards Committee in accordance with the exemption permitted by the SBVC Policy on the Guided Self-Placement/ESL Assessment. Students who retake the Guided Self-Placement will be advised that the most current results will supersede all other results.

Students may satisfy the prerequisite for English, math, and reading through: Completing the Guided Self-Placement questionnaire/ESL assessment process. Satisfactory completion of the prerequisite course. Providing acceptable challenge documentation to the department chair or division dean. Previously enrolled high school students have the ability to retake the Guided Self-Placement questionnaire after they have graduated.

Here are questions students most often ask about the guided self-placement questionnaire/assessment:

Q. Why complete the Guided Self-Placement questionnaire/assessment?

A. The Guided Self-Placement questionnaire is designed to assist in the process of guiding students in proper English, Reading, and Math transfer level courses. During the Orientation/Advisement session following the completion of the Guided Self-Placement questionnaire, students will be introduced to the college's services. After the Guided Self-Placement questionnaire is processed, the counselor will assist in selecting appropriate courses for the semester.

Q. If I do not do well with the Guided Self-Placement questionnaire/assessment, will I still be able to attend San Bernardino Valley College?

A. Yes. This is not a pass/fail exam. It is a tool to help students and counselors make appropriate educational plans.

Q. How long will it take to complete the Guided Self-Placement questionnaire/assessment?

A. Approximately Thirty Minutes.

Q. What if I need disability-related accommodations to complete the Guided Self-Placement questionnaire/assessment?

A. If a student has a learning or physical disability that requires reasonable accommodation to complete the questionnaire, please contact Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS} in AD/SS 105.

Q. Do other colleges require students to complete a Guided Self-Placement Process?

A. Yes. Every community college in California is required to allow all new students to self-select what level of English, Reading, and Math they begin with.

Q. Does a counselor discuss my Guided Self-Placement results?

A. Yes. Counselors are the best resource to tell students how to interpret placement skills.

Q. If my class has a prerequisite, what do I need to do?

A. Take the prerequisite course, or refer to page 14 for other options