Non-Degree Applicable Courses

Courses numbered in the 900s do not apply toward a degree, and are designed to provide the fundamental skills necessary for successful completion of other college courses. These include pre-collegiate courses in reading, writing, computation, learning skills, study skills, and English as a second-language. Non-degree applicable courses, including basic skills courses, are indicated in this catalog by numbers from 900 to 999.

In accordance with Title 5, Section 55758.5 (b), grades earned in non-degree applicable courses are not included when calculating a student's degree applicable grade point average. Students will not receive credit for more than thirty (30) units of basic skills course work taken in the San Bernardino Community College District. Basic skills coursework earned in another community college district will not be counted toward the 30-unit limit. Students enrolled in English as a second-language courses and students identified by the District for learning disabled programs are exempt from this 30-unit limit. Other students may apply for a waiver of the 30-unit limit. Please contact a counselor in the Counseling Center, (909)384-4404 and press zero (“0”) for more information about the waiver process.