Repeated Courses

Course Repetition in a Non-Repeatable Course

Course repetition allows students to repeat classes under the following circumstances: (Title 5, Section 58161)

  1. The student is repeating the course to alleviate substandard work, which has been recorded on the student’s record (D, F, or NP). Courses in which a substandard evaluative symbol has been assigned may be repeated two times for a total of three enrollments. Students may attempt a course more than three times only upon approval through the college’s petition process (Title 5, section 55024).
  2. The course outline of record has been officially changed and demonstrates significant curricular changes. A Petition for Academic Exception is required.
  3. Repetition of courses where substandard work has not been recorded is permitted when such repetition is necessary for a student to meet a legally mandated training requirement as a condition of continued paid or volunteer employment.
  4. Significant lapse of time exception if the following conditions are met:
    • At least 36 months, or more if required be district policy, has elapsed since the student previously was assigned or awarded a grade in the course;
    • The student’s prior grade was a satisfactory grade (55000(w)); and either
      1. The course is required by the district as a properly established recency prerequisite (5503); or
      2. Another institution or higher education to which the student is seeking to transfer requires the student to have taken the course more recently than the student’s last enrollment.