Zero Textbook Cost Degree Program (Z DEGREE)

Location: Physical Science (PS) 116
Phone Number: (909) 384-8653

Zero Textbook Cost Degree Program (Z Degree) is one of the Open Educational Resources (OER) initiatives to improve teaching, learning and accessibility for all learners at California Higher Education institutions. San Bernardino Valley College is one of 20 California Community Colleges to be awarded the Implementation Phase II RFA for 2017/2018. The Z Degree Pathway is earned entirely by completing courses that eliminate conventional textbook costs by using alternative instructional materials and methodologies, including open educational resources (OER) (Definition by CA Education Code Section 78052(a)).

This program is designed to improve student success by providing students access to a textbook-free Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Social and Behavioral Sciences. The course sections in this AA degree exclusively use digital or other instructional materials that are free of charge. However, low-cost options for print versions may also be available, based on student preference. In addition, a dedicated counselor will provide academic support and resources to assist students in successful degree completion. Please refer to the Liberal Arts - Social and Behavioral Science Associate of Arts Degree for program requirements.