Valley Now!

The Valley Now! Program is a dual enrollment program that allows students from participating local high schools take college-level courses and accelerate their educational achievement. Valley Now! students earn credit towards high school graduation, while at the same time earning college credits.  In most cases, college fees and textbook costs are either waived by San Bernardino Valley College or paid by the student’s high school – which means that students can participate at absolutely no cost to them. All services available to regular college students, such as use of the Library and Student Success Center, are also available to Valley Now! students.

In order to increase accessibility for our high school population, most Valley Now! courses are conveniently offered online or at participating high school campus (unless otherwise noted).  Students must meet the eligibility requirements for dual enrollment students as outlined by the Admissions and Records Office. 

Courses offered through the Valley Now! program vary by semester.  For more information, contact the Valley Now! Program office at (909) 384-4467 or at